Connection configuration overview

You will need to connect your POS to the Clover device using either a network or cloud connection.

Connection types

You can establish a connection using one of two methods:

  • A local network connection
  • A cloud connection to the Clover servers

Local connection

Your POS can connect directly to the Clover device over a local network (LAN). This connection uses the Clover Device Server app to connect with your POS using WebSocket Secure (WSS). This connection requires your POS to trust the Clover certificate authority (CA) that has issued the Clover Device Server certificate. See Configuring a local connection for more information.

If your merchants are in the US, they can process offline payments with a local connection.

Cloud connection

Clover maintains a cloud service for establishing a WSS connection between your application and the Clover device. Business environments that demand payment terminal portability, such as shops without sales counters, benefit from a cloud connection. This type of connection is simpler to configure, but it requires a consistent, fast connection to the internet for optimal performance. See Configuring a cloud connection for more information.

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