Welcome To Clover

Clover is the open platform for brick-and-mortar commerce.

We designed and built low-cost, beautiful Android-based point-of-sale devices, a Clover Services APK, a suite of basic point-of-sale applications for restaurants and retailers, and robust cloud services with REST APIs.

Reach over 6 million merchants

Clover is the fastest growing Point of Sale (POS) platform backed by First Data, a market leader processing over 50% of global card transactions. Learn more about First Data in the First Data Fact Sheet.

We currently live in United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, and we’re growing.

Make a difference

Transform the way merchants run their business with time-saving intuitive apps on the Clover App Market. Merchants are looking for solutions to make their small to medium businesses more efficient, not another bird game. Our open app platform allows you to reach merchants in new ways, and seamlessly connect your apps.

Meet Charity Checkout

Discover how one of our earliest developers, Charity Checkout, integrated with Clover.

Monetize your app

Merchants spend millions of dollars each year on marketing, loyalty, accounting programs, and other services to run their businesses. Be a trailblazer and help merchants grow their business with your app on the Clover App Market. Developers receive 70% of the net subscription revenue. Learn more about monetization and billing.