Set up a sandbox account

United States
Latin America

The Clover platform provides tools for developers to design, configure, test, and manage app integrations for Clover merchants. You can use the Clover environments for specific purposes:

  • Sandbox environment for initial setup and testing.
  • Production environment to submit integrations for approval and then manage and track app performance.

Use the following information to get started with the Developer Dashboard and create an app:

1.Choose the region to build your app or integration:

- North America: Create a global developer account and access both the sandbox and production environments on the Global Developer Dashboard.
- Europe or Latin America: Create your sandbox developer account to access the Developer Dashboard.
3.Create your first test merchant in the sandbox Developer Dashboard. On the Global Developer Dashboard, a Default Test Merchant account is created when you create your developer account.
4.Create additional test merchants.
5.Use sample inventory to get started with your test merchant.
6.Create an app.

For more information on building an app, see Select an integration and Clover developer tools.