Import inventory

United States

Clover merchants can import bulk inventory items using an MS Excel sheet. You can use the sample inventory file to get started with your test merchant.
To bulk import inventory items:

  1. Log in to your sandbox Developer Dashboard.
  2. From the Developer Account drop-down list, click a merchant name under Businesses. The Merchant Dashboard for the selected merchant appears.
  3. From the left navigation menu, click Inventory. The Items page with import details appears.
  1. Click Download Template to download a sample inventory spreadsheet. It is saved to your default Downloads folder.
  • Go to the Instructions tab in the template spreadsheet and read the instructions.
  • Click the Items tab to update the inventory details relevant to your business and save the file.
    Note: You can rename the inventory spreadsheet, as needed.
  1. Click Import Your Inventory Spreadsheet. The Import Inventory page appears. You can only import a spreadsheet in .xls or .xlsx format that does not exceed 10 MB in file size.
  1. Import the inventory spreadsheet. You can either:
  • Navigate to your inventory spreadsheet and drag and drop it into the Import Inventory page.
  • Click Choose File to browse and select the inventory spreadsheet.
    The To be added to inventory page displays the name of the imported spreadsheet and count of items in each of the tabs in the imported spreadsheet.
  1. Validate the information on the page and click Continue. A Success message appears.
  1. Do one of the following:
  • Click Back to my inventory. The Items page displays the inventory items.
  • Click Start new import to import another inventory spreadsheet.