Post app launch checklist

After your app is live and available for use by merchants, use the following check list to manage your apps and support your merchants.

1.Manage your apps:
- settings
- approvals
- installs
- performance
- billing details
- Managing your apps
- Managing app settings
- Reviewing app installs
- Using ratings and reviews
2.Track your app's performance.You can monitor installs and revenue, and gain your app's performance insights.
3.Help your merchants succeed in using your app.See Set up help resources.
4.Showcase your apps.See:
- Sales Channel Policies
- Operation & Maintenance
5.Keep up to date with Clover platform information.See:
- Track new features in each release
- View developer release notes, including What's new, Bug fixes, and announcements about products and features
6.Participate in the Clover Developer Community.Receive support and contribute to the Clover Developer Community.