Developer account approval

Your app is linked to a production developer account. This account must be verified and approved by Clover before app approval can begin.



You can submit your developer account for approval on production even while you are building and testing your app on sandbox.

To submit your production developer account for approval, do the following:

  1. Log on to your production Clover developer account. If you do not have a production Clover developer account, create an account.

  2. On the Dashboard > Developer Settings tab on the side-nav, enter the required information in the following sections:

    • Account Details — Under Edit Account Details:
      • If you are an individual submitting an app, select the option, I’m doing business as an > Individual.
      • If you are submitting an app as a company, select the option, I’m doing business as a > Business.
  3. Complete the Identity Verification and Contact Info so that the app market business team can verify your identity. If necessary, the team may contact you for additional documentation:

    • Address: A utility bill, bank statement, or other legal document matching the address of the developer account. A P.O. box number is valid for an organization but not for its individual representative.
    • Employee identification number (EIN)/Tax ID: For a corporate developer (a company), a document from the government tax authority showing the EIN/Tax ID number is required.
    • Identity document: If your address is outside the intended market, an unexpired passport is required. Developers in the UK and Canada can provide a current driver's license instead of a passport.

    In addition, we are required to run an Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) check on every developer as part of the approval process. Once an account is approved, the OFAC check is repeated monthly.

  4. Click Submit Application. By submitting your application, you are agreeing to the Clover App Market Developer Terms. Ensure that you review the terms.

    Once you submit your application, your developer account state on the Developer Settings page is updated to VERIFYING ACCOUNT. You also receive an email confirming your submission.



If the app market business team needs to contact you for more information, they also share a secure Box folder URL with you. Upload all required documentation to the specified Box folder.

Please do not share any required identity documentation by email.

Once your account is approved, your developer account state on the Developer Settings page is updated to ACCOUNT VERIFIED. You also receive an email confirming the account approval.

Updating account information and transferring account ownership

There are cases where approved account information needs to change or administrator control of a corporate account needs to be transferred to a different person. For example, if the approved developer leaves the company, another person must assume responsibility for the account.

To start the process, send an email to Clover at [email protected] with the following information:

  • Your developer account name and UUID
  • The type of and reason for the request (name/email change or full account transfer)

Name or email change

For simple name and email changes, Clover reviews the request, runs a verification check if required, and then updates the information.

Account transfer

For transfers, Clover reviews the transfer request and then disables your developer account by rejecting the formerly approved developer. You must then provide the identity details for the new account holder as described in the previous sections. Once you resubmit the account information, identity verification checks are completed by Clover. If the verification is successful, the updated account is approved.

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