Use Clover developer environments

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The Clover platform provides tools for developers to design, configure, test, and manage app integrations for Clover merchants. Use the:

Before you begin

Points to know before you begin using the Clover sandbox and production environments:

  • Approved developer apps that Clover merchants download and install from the Clover App Market are not impacted when you create, edit, or delete apps in the sandbox environment.
  • Production test merchant accounts are connected to a payment gateway that neither checks for card validity nor verifies that the payment request is correct or complete. You must complete all testing in the sandbox environment before submitting the app for approval.

For more information, see Limitations by environment.

Sandbox environment

Create a sandbox developer account and start using the sandbox Developer Dashboard to:

  • Build and test your apps.
  • Install your apps on test merchants accounts before you create a production developer account and submit your app for approval.
  • Create additional test merchants for each region with different settings to simulate the effects of regions, time zones, currencies, or permissions.
  • Test your apps that interact with the Clover payment functions. The sandbox environment is connected to a test payment gateway that checks the validity of test cards and provides realistic responses to payment requests. This lets you build apps that can handle all possible responses when completing a transaction.

After you have tested your app, create a production developer account and submit your app for approval.

Production environment

Clover provides three production environments based on the merchant’s location. Use the following links (URLs) to create your account:

You must have an approved production developer account before Clover can approve your apps. Create a separate production developer account for each country or region where you want to create apps. You can use the same email address to sign up as a developer in multiple regions.

You need to submit fully tested apps for approval. The Clover App Market team reviews and approves each developer account you create in a production environment. After your app is approved and published, merchants can download and install your app from the Clover App Market. You can monitor the status of your app approval and communicate with the Clover App Market team from the Developer Dashboard.

For more information, see Understand the app approval process.