Clover developer environments

United States
Latin America

Sandbox environment

Use the sandbox environment to build and test your apps. You can install your apps on test merchant accounts without requiring approved developer accounts or approval of your apps.

When you're ready, submit your app for approval on the Production environment. You can now monitor the status of your app approval and communicate with Clover's App Market team from the Developer Dashboard.

Sandbox is connected to a test payment gateway which checks the validity of test cards and provides realistic responses to payment requests. For apps that interact with Clover's payment functions, this allows you to build and test robust applications that handle all possible responses when completing a transaction.

Use the Clover sandbox environment as your testbed for building and testing apps using your test merchants. Once you are on the sandbox page, click Log In in the upper right corner of the page to bring up the sandbox log in page. You can also create test merchants in other regions where you want to make your app available.

Production environment



Production test merchant accounts are connected to a payment gateway that does not check for card validity or otherwise verify that the payment request is correct or complete. All testing should be done in the sandbox environment before submitting the app for approval.

Submit your fully tested apps for approval on Production. After your app is approved and published, merchants can download and install your production application from Clover's App Market.

Clover currently provides three different production environments based on the merchant's location. Use the following URLs to create your account:

North America (NA):
European Union (EU):
Latin America (LATAM):



You can use the same email address to sign up as a developer in multiple regions.