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The Clover platform provides tools for developers to design, configure, test, and manage app integrations for Clover merchants. Use the:

See how to Use Clover developer environments.

Sandbox environment

The Clover sandbox environment is a testbed where you can:

  • Experiment with the Clover platform capabilities.
  • Create test merchant accounts to manage merchant information.
  • Create additional test merchants with different settings to simulate the effects of regions, time zones, currencies, or permissions.
  • Install and test your apps for test merchant accounts.
  • Test your apps that interact with the Clover payment functions. The sandbox environment is connected to a test payment gateway that checks the validity of test cards and provides realistic responses to payment requests. This lets you build apps that can handle all possible responses when completing a transaction.

Production environment

After you have tested your app, create a production developer account and submit your app for approval. You can monitor the status of your app approval and communicate with Clover App Market team from the Developer Dashboard.