Managing test merchants

Test merchants allow you to simulate merchant interactions with your application. This includes installing your app, granting it needed permissions (see App Permissions), and then testing all the features of your app. These types of merchants are non-billable.

Creating your first test merchant

When you sign up to create your production or sandbox developer account, you can create a test merchant after entering your developer and account information. Use the following table to complete the test merchant information. From the Developer Dashboard header, create test merchants, navigate between test merchant dashboards, and manage your dashboard login credentials.

  • Managing test merchant accounts: From the header menu, you can create multiple test merchant accounts, and also toggle between them.
  • Account Settings: At the top-right of the Developer Dashboard, you can select Web > Account Settings to view and manage your dashboard login settings.



A specific payment gateway is configured based on the address you enter. For example, if you are a US developer who wants to create an app for use in Canada, create your test merchant using a Canadian address. This test merchant will process test transactions using the correct gateway for that region.

You can also create additional test merchants for each region where your app will be available.



Merchant Name

The name of the merchant, which appears in your dashboard and on Dev Kits tied to the account


The country where the merchant operates

Zip/Postal Code

A valid postal code for the merchant

Address Line

The street and building information for the merchant


The city where the merchant operates


The state or province of the merchant. If the selected country does not have states or provinces, enter n/a.

Phone Number

A phone number for the merchant


The currency accepted by the merchant


The timezone for the merchant

Employee Passcode Length

Select whether employees must use a four- or six-digit code to log on to the test device

Once you have completed the form, select Submit.

Creating additional test merchants

You may want to create other test merchants with different settings to simulate the effects of different regions, time zones, currencies, or permissions schemes.

To create additional test merchants, select Your Name > Create a new merchant from the header and enter the required information as described in the above table.

Updating merchant information

To change your test merchant's business information, do the following.

  1. Log on to the Developer Dashboard.
  2. From the header, select Your Name > Merchant Name.
  3. On the test Merchant Dashboard homepage, select Setup.
  4. On the Business Information page, modify the fields as required.
  5. Select Save.



The merchant's business information cannot be changed using the Setup app on a Clover device.

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