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The Clover Connector SDK provides a consolidated asynchronous interface that enables your point of sale (POS) software to interact with Clover’s customer-facing payment devices.

In this section, we introduce Clover Connector for different platforms.


These tutorials assume you have already:


Use the following tutorials to build a semi-integrated solution for your platform:

Callable and Callback interfaces


ICloverConnector provides the callable interface and includes the following capabilities:

  • Processing cards as Sales (fixed-amount payments), Auths (tip-adjustable payments), and PreAuths (pre-authorizations for a specific amount that can be updated before finalizing payment)
  • Vaulting card tokens for future payments
  • Processing payment refunds and voids
  • Displaying order details
  • Printing images and text
  • Requesting batch closeouts
  • Requesting device and payment status
  • Starting and communicating with Custom Activities


ICloverConnectorListener provides the callback interface and includes the following capabilities:

  • Responses to sales, authorizations, and pre-authorizations
  • Responses to card vaulting requests
  • Responses to payment refunds and voids
  • Responses to tip amount adjustments and captured payments for pre-authorizations
  • UI event messages sent as the Clover device changes screens, along with appropriate actions correlating to options on the device (for example, Cancel, OK, Done, Yes, and No)
  • Closeout processing events
  • Requests to confirm payments or signatures
  • Events sent when the device disconnects, connects, or is ready
  • Responses to device and payment status requests
  • Responses or messages from Custom Activities