Use Test Merchants Dashboard in sandbox

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Test merchant accounts allow you to simulate merchant interactions with your application. This includes installing your app, granting permissions, and then testing all the features of your app. When you sign up to create your sandbox developer account, you can create a test merchant after entering your developer and account information.

On the Test Merchants Dashboard, you can:

  • Create multiple test merchant accounts and navigate between Test Merchants Dashboards.
  • Manage your Test Merchants Dashboard login credentials.
  • View and manage your test merchant business information. (Click the Settings icon next to the merchant name.) See Manage test merchants for more information.

Create your first test merchant

You need to create your first test merchant while creating the sandbox developer account. See Create a sandbox developer account for steps on how to create your Sandbox developer account and the first test merchant account. After you create a test merchant, you can access the Test Merchants Dashboard, and create additional test merchants.

Create additional test merchants

You can create additional test merchants for each region where you want to make your app. You can add test merchants with different settings to simulate the effects of different regions, time zones, currencies, or permissions schemes.

A specific payment gateway is configured based on the address you enter for your test merchant. For example, if you want to create an app for use in Canada, create your test merchant using a Canadian address. The test merchant that you create will process test transactions using the correct gateway for that region.

  1. Log in to the Developer Dashboard.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • From the Dashboard drop-down menu, under Developer Account, click Create test location.
    • From the left navigation menu, in the bottom panel, click Test Merchants.
      The Test Merchants Dashboard displays the list of test merchants.

2a. On the Test Merchants Dashboard, click Add Test Merchant. The Create your Test Merchants page appears.

  1. Add information in the following fields:
Merchant NameName of the merchant as it displays on the test Merchants Dashboard and on Dev Kits associated to the account.
CountryCountry where the merchant is located.
Zip/Postal CodePostal code for the merchant location.
Address LineStreet and building information for the merchant location.
CityCity of the merchant location.
State/ProvinceState or province of the merchant. If the selected country does not have states or provinces, enter n/a.
Phone NumberPhone number for the merchant.
CurrencyCurrency accepted by the merchant.
TimezoneTimezone for the merchant.
Employee Passcode LengthPasscode of 4- or 6-digits that employees of the merchant business must use to log on to the test device.
  1. Click Create Account. The merchant you added displays in the test merchants list.

Update test merchant settings

  1. Log into the Developer Dashboard.

  2. From the left navigation menu, click Test Merchants. The Test Merchants Dashboard appears.

  1. In the table that displays your test merchants, from the Action column, click Settings icon next to a merchant name. The Settings page appears.

Note: If the Settings page fails to load, add a new test merchant for the US region to use this feature. You can update settings for the test merchants created for the US region.

  1. Update the following information:
Card EntitlementsSelect checkboxes for the card types your merchant can use to process payments.
Note: You need to select at least one card type to proceed.
Credit Card SurchargingUse the toggle icon to turn on the feature and enter the fee in percentage (%) that the merchant can charge a customer for payment using a credit card. A merchant decides the surcharge percentage based on state rules. They can view the credit surcharge fee applied to transactions in the Virtual Terminal, Clover devices, and Receipts. See Clover Credit Card Surcharging policy for more details.
Smart TippingUse the toggle icon to turn on or off the Smart Tipping feature that displays on the Merchant Dashboard. If you turn on the Smart Tipping toggle icon, merchants can add a flat tip amount to the total sales value through their merchant settings.
Service PlansSelect a service plan from the drop-down list to change it.
Default: Standard Merchant Plans for the test merchants in the United States (US) region.
  1. Click Save. You are redirected to the Test Merchants Dashboard and a success message appears on the top.
    Note: Use these cards to test the surcharging feature:
Card typeCard companyCard numberCVVExpiry date
CreditMastercard5405 9800 0000 830320112/23
CreditVisa4005 5192 0000 0004 20120112/23

Update test merchant business information

You can update the merchant's business information only on the Test Merchants Dashboard and not using the Setup app on a Clover device. To change your test merchant's business information:

  1. Log in to the Developer Dashboard.
  2. From the header, click Your Name > Merchant Name. The dashboard appears.
  3. From the left navigation menu, click Account & Setup. Account & Setup page appears.
  4. Click About Your Business > Business Information, The business information page appears.
  1. Update the relevant information.
  2. Click Save.