Track transactions with idempotency keys

United States

One of the required headers of any payment transaction request is the Idempotency-Key. This value lets you track a transaction using a unique value and keep a record to assist a merchant with reconciliation. Clover also records this value so any transaction can be examined for issues in the future.



To learn more, see our blog post Fiddling Through Digital Keys: Clover Auth Tokens and Ecommerce Keys.

Generate the identifier using the SDK utility

The uniqueness of the identifiers is essential. The example app displays a simple method for creating an ID in the recommended format—a string of at least 13 alphanumeric characters.

Save the external ID immediately

To ensure the value is always available, it is recommended that your app save the external ID as soon as it is generated, before the transaction request is made to Clover. If Clover does not return a response for some reason, the app still has a record that the transaction was attempted.