Test card numbers

United States



Merchants can use the following card numbers to trigger specific scenarios at the gateway, such as declines and partial transactions. A gateway needs to be setup with a Rapid Connect processor, which must be the default setting. Verify this setting by calling the GET v3/merchants/{mid}/gateway endpoint and confirm that the paymentGatewayApi value begins with fdcrcip. If the value is blackhole, email [email protected] to request this be changed to Rapid Connect.

CardAccount numberResponse codeResponse
Discover6011 3610 0000 66680Success (approve)
Visa4005 5780 0333 33352Approve for partial amounts
Visa4005 5717 0222 2222500Decline

You may use any 3 digits for the Card Verification Value (CVV) and any future date for the expiration.



The Ecommerce API declines partial auth transactions. In the above list, the Visa test card number for partial amount approvals will be declined.

Simulate successful transactions

In test mode, you can use the following test cards to simulate a successful transaction.

CardAccount number
American Express3782 822463 10005
American Express3714 496353 98431
Diners Club3056 93090 25904
Diners Club3852 00000 23237
Discover6011 0009 9013 9424
JCB3566 0020 2036 0505
Visa4242 4242 4242 4242
Visa (debit)4000 0566 5566 5556



By default, passing address or Card Verification Code (CVC) data with the card number results in the address and CVC checks to succeed. If not specified, the value of the checks are null. Any expiration date in the future is considered valid.

Ecomm test cards for AVS success scenarios

To test Address Verification Service (AVS) success scenarios, use one of the following test card numbers with any U.S. zip code:

Card BrandPAN
Master Card5204245250003294

Simulate declines

Use the following test cards to have the payment gateway return a decline response.

CardAccount number
Amex3759 876540 00004
Mastercard5424 1802 7333 3333
Visa4264 2815 1111 7771

Test specific error codes

The following table gives suggestions for testing some specific error codes:

Error code
incorrect_numberUse a card number that fails the Luhn check (for example, 4242 4242 4242 4241)
invalid_expiry_monthUse an invalid month number such as 13
invalid_expiry_yearUse a year in the past such as 1970
invalid_cvcUse a two-digit number such as 99

Ad hoc tests

In addition to the Unit and Certification test scripts in your software development kit (SDK), Clover has established functionality that allows you to create your own test cases. The following test card examples are provided for this purpose and should only be used with the Test Merchants generated as part of their developer account in the Clover sandbox environment.

CardAccount number
PIN Debit4017779991113335
Diners Club36185900011112

Test for all cards

Transactions in the amount of $45.67 receive a No Host Response to simulate time-out reversal testing. Therefore:

  • Transactions below $100.00 receive an Approved response.
  • Transactions above $100.00 receive a specific Error response.

The transaction amount sent in the transaction request message is used to determine which error response code will be received in your response. To request an error response code, the last 3 digits of the transaction amount is the response code you want to receive. For example:

  • If you need to receive a response message with a 116 response code, then the request message could contain a transaction amount of $101.16.
  • If you need to receive a response message with a 318 response code, then the request message could contain a transaction amount of $403.18.