Reminder to Categorize Your Apps & Use Ratings and Reviews

In the past few months, we've introduced features that help manage your business better and improve the merchant experience for providing app reviews.

Categorize your apps
Use App Categories to target specific merchant businesses and ensure a smooth approval with Clover's App Market team.

To categorize your apps:

  1. From the Developer Dashboard, click on your app in the side-nav.
  2. Click Market Listing on the app menu.
  3. In the Categorization section, click Edit.
  4. Select at least one Functional and one Vertical category.
  5. Click Save.

See the documentation to learn more.

Ratings and reviews
Merchants who are not logged in can see the Rate This App button. You can send merchants the direct link to your app to solicit a review. When merchants click the Rate This App button, they are prompted to log into their account to submit a review. This feature is currently only available in the US.

See the documentation to learn more.

As we continually strive to improve your user experience and bring you new features, you can track new features What's New page.

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