Regional payment flows: Argentina

Latin America

The Remote Pay SDKs support regional payment flow differences with parameters specific to each region. These parameters are passed as key-value pairs in theSaleRequest, AuthRequest, and PreAuthRequest.

Regional payment parameters for Argentina

Clover devices in Argentina display two additional screens during the default payment flow: the fiscal invoice and installment screens. The following table describes the parameters specific to payment flows in Argentina. The parameter names are constants defined in the RegionalExtras class.

FISCAL_INVOICE_NUMBER_KEYNumber associated with the transaction.
Format: dddd-dddddddd; Valid invoice numbers are 4 digits, 1 dash, then 8 more digits with no spaces
INSTALLMENT_NUMBER_KEYNumber of payment installments.
- If a number is passed, the installments screen is skipped.
- If no number is passed, the installments screen appears. The customer needs to select an installment number.
INSTALLMENT_PLAN_KEYName or other identifier of the payment plan.
Value: Numbers between 1-99.
SKIP_FISCAL_INVOICE_NUMBER_SCREEN_VALUEPass this value to FISCAL_INVOICE_NUMBER_KEY to skip the invoice screen without using an invoice number.
INSTALLMENT_NUMBER_DEFAULT_VALUEDefault value for INSTALLMENT_NUMBER_KEY which can be used to skip the installment screen.
MERCHANT_ID_KEYMerchant number configured in the Clover device.
Format: nnnnnn

Sample: Skip Argentina payment flow screens

The following displays a SaleRequest that uses the SDK-provided values for FISCAL_INVOICE_NUMBER_KEY and INSTALLMENT_NUMBER_KEYto skip both the fiscal invoice and installment screens:

private saleRequest setupSaleRequest() {
  SaleRequest saleRequest = new SaleRequest();
  saleRequest.setExternalId(ExternalIdUtils.generateNewID()); //required
  Map<String, String> extras = new HashMap<>();