Test merchant IDs & API tokens

Clover assigns a unique merchant ID ({mId}) to every merchant business. Use the {mId} when making Clover REST API calls.

In this article, we walk you through the process of finding your test merchant ID and creating a test API token on the sandbox Developer Dashboard. This information is important for you to test interactions with Clover REST API and for Android development.



These instructions are for development and testing only. A production app must generate tokens using OAuth or using the Android SDK.

Finding your test merchant ID

To find your test merchant ID:

  1. On the sandbox Developer Dashboard, select a test merchant from the header menu.

  2. On the sandbox Merchant Dashboard that appears, select Setup > Merchants. Your test merchant ID is the thirteen-character sequence of numbers and letters directly below the merchant name in the Merchant column.

Generating a test API token on the test merchant dashboard



Production apps must use API tokens generated using OAuth or the Clover Android SDK. Test API tokens generated from the sandbox Merchant Dashboard are intended for development and testing only.

In production environments, test API tokens have additional restrictions and are more severely rate limited.

To generate a test API token for use in the sandbox environment:

  1. On the sandbox Developer Dashboard, select a test merchant from the header menu. You are redirected to the test merchant dashboard.
  2. Click Setup > API Tokens from the side-nav. This is where you generate test API tokens.
  3. On the API Tokens page, click Create New Token.
  4. On the Create new token modal, enter a name and set permissions based on the test merchant information you want to query and manage. Note that these are app permissions and they map to platform API endpoints. See Setting app permissions for more information.
  5. Select Create Token. You can create as many test API tokens as required. This token cannot be used in the production environment.

See Using Clover REST API and Using API Tokens for more information about using your API token to access merchant data.