Manage developer accounts

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Each Clover developer account is created and managed by the account owner. The owner can be a single developer creating apps, or it can be the leader of a team of developers and other staff within an organization.

Each member of the team can be granted a user account associated with the owner's account.

Developer and test merchant accounts

Developer accounts and merchant accounts are distinct and separate accounts. The developer account with the OWNER or ADMIN role can invite additional users to create their own developer member accounts and access the Developer Dashboard.

Added developer member accounts can also be granted access to the test merchant by adding them as an employee of the test merchants. This can be done by adding new employees on the Employees app on the Merchant Dashboard.

If a member needs accounts for both the Developer Dashboard and Merchant Dashboard, they must use the same email address when creating each account. This allows the member to access both dashboards and use the test merchant account to install and test apps.

In the following example, both accounts for the developer are created with the email address [email protected]. In this case, only the [email protected] and [email protected] accounts can view both dashboards.


Developer owner and team member accounts

Add a new member

Follow these instructions to create both a developer and test merchant accounts for a member. If you only want to create the developer account, only complete steps one through seven.

  1. On the Developer Dashboard, click Developer Settings > Members on the side-nav.
  2. On the Members page, click Invite Members.
  3. On the Invite Members To Your Developer Account modal that appears, enter an email address of the new member and assign a role from the Role list.
  4. Click Invite. The member receives an email with instructions to access their developer account. On the Members page, the invited member is listed in the table.
  5. Select the test merchant account from the header menu.
  6. On the Merchant Dashboard that appears, click Employees on the side-nav.
  7. On the Employees app, click Add New Employee.
  8. On the new employee form, enter the required member information.
  9. Click Save. On the Employees app, the new member is listed in the table.