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Setting App Market listings

On the Market Listing page on the side-nav, you can set information about your app for Clover merchants to view on the Clover App Market.

When your app is published on the App Market, this information is available to merchants on your app details page.

Market listing details

You can set the following information on the Market Listing page:

Cover image

The cover image is the app's cover image on the Clover App Market and on Clover devices.

To upload an image:

  1. Click UPLOAD IMAGE, select the image, and click Open.
  2. On the Upload Cover Image modal that appears, crop the image to the allowed dimensions.
  3. Click Submit. The updated cover image appears on the Market Listing page.

App name and icon

The app name uniquely identifies your app. The app icon is used by merchants to launch your app on Clover devices. The cover image is the app's cover image on the Clover App Market and on Clover devices.

To update the app name and icon:

  1. Click the app name.
  2. On the Edit App Name and Icon modal, update the app name.
  3. Click the icon on the left and select the app icon.
  4. On the Upload App Icon modal that appears, crop the image to the allowed dimensions, and then click Submit.
  5. Click Save. The updated app name and icon appear on the Market Listing page.

Merchant Benefits

The merchant benefits are listed on the Clover App Market to highlight how your app can benefit merchants. A minimum of three benefits is required.

Screenshots and video

Your app screenshots help merchants see your app features before installing your app. A YouTube or Vimeo video for your app is another medium that can help merchants learn more about your app.

Screenshot size recommendations

Refer to the following guidelines when you size your screenshots for Clover devices.

Clover Device

Screen Resolution

DP Size

Flex (1st and 2nd Generation)

720 x 1280 (xhdpi screen)

~320 dpi

Mini (1st and 2nd Generation)

1280 x 800 (tvdpi screen)

~213 dpi

Station 2018

1920 x 1080 (tvdpi screen)

~213 dpi

Station 2018 Printer

800 x 480 (tvdpi screen)

~213 dpi


1366 x 768 (mdpi screen)

~160 dpi

Station Pro (merchant-facing screen)

1920 x 1080 (tvdpi screen)

~213 dpi

Station Pro (customer-facing screen)

1280 x 800 (tvdpi screen)

~213 dpi

Minimum/maximum size recommendations

  • For the minimum size of an android app, consult the table above and size according to that.
  • The minimum size of screenshots for web should be: 320 px (Google Play's standard); however, 480 px is a better minimum. Clover recommends that you size your screenshots along with the device specs.
  • The maximum recommended size is the 1920 x 1080 screen at 300 dpi.

Adding app screenshots

To add app screenshots:

  2. On the Manage Screenshots modal that appears, click UPLOAD IMAGE and select your app screenshot images. You can select multiple images to upload.

The uploaded screenshots appear on the Market Listing page. You can update the app screenshots by clicking MANAGE SCREENSHOTS.

Uploading a video

To upload a video:

  1. Click ADD VIDEO.
  2. On the Add Video modal, add a URL to your YouTube or Vimeo video.
  3. Click Save. The uploaded video appears on the Market Listing page.



The web version of the Clover App Market supports both YouTube and Vimeo videos.

Certain Clover devices have limitations on the video codecs they support. This affects how videos are played using the More Tools app on these devices:

  • Clover Station 2018 & Mini (2nd generation) support YouTube and Vimeo
  • Clover Station & Mini (1st generation) support only YouTube
  • Clover Flex supports only Vimeo


The app description on the Clover App Market explains to merchants in detail about your app.


Select at least one functional and vertical category before submitting your app for approval. For example, you can select a Functional category of Accounting & Tax for the Vertical category Bookstore. You can always change app categories later.

Learn more in the app administration checklist.

Legal & Privacy

In the Legal & Privacy section, add URLs for your app’s privacy policy and end-user license agreement. These URLs are available your app details page for merchants on the Clover App Market.

Developer Support

In the Developer Support section, provide support contact information, including phone number, hours of availability, email address, and support website. This information is visible on the app details page for merchants on the Clover App Market.


The tagline for your app is a short one-line description that appears under your app name on the app details page on the Clover App Market.



When you make any updates to the Market Listing page, click PREVIEW IN APP MARKET to redirect to the Merchant Dashboard for your test merchant account. You can view a snapshot of what merchants and business owners see on the Clover App Market.

In addition, you can click Connect to install your app on the test merchant account. Android apps are installed on DevKits or the Emulator. Web apps are installed on the Merchant Dashboard.

Localizing App Market listings

Using MANAGE LANGUAGES at the top-right of the page, you can localize all the market listing information for international Clover App Markets.

To localize the market listing information:

  1. Click MANAGE LANGUAGES list.
  2. On the Manage Languages modal that appears, select the languages that you want to support for your app.
  3. Click Save. The selected languages appear on the Market Listing page.
  4. Select a language and then provide market listing information for that language.



For every app market location where you want to publish your app, you can create subscription tiers on the Pricing & Distribution page. For more information, see Billing for Apps.

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Setting App Market listings

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