Make a sample REST API call

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The Clover REST API enables you to query relevant information about Clover merchants in your Web app. Relevant information, such as merchant inventory, orders, and payments is available to you using our REST API. Each type of merchant information is represented by an endpoint.



For your Android app, you can simply generate an API token and query web services using Clover Android SDK.

Make a sample REST API call and retrieve your test merchant’s name

  1. Navigate to the API Reference.
  2. Click Merchants > Get a single merchant and enter the Merchant Id. The merchant identifier or mId is a 13-character ID that displays in the browser link (URL) of the Merchant Dashboard for your test merchant.
  3. Click the Query Auth icon at the top-right next to the Try It button.
  4. Enter the access_token value. Access token is the test API token that you generated in the sandbox Developer Dashboard.
  5. Click Try It. The output JSON of the API call is generated at the right of the screen. In the results, the value of the Name Key is your test merchant’s name.

Test Rest API calls

Use this sample inventory file to test more REST API calls for your test merchant. On the Merchant Dashboard, select the Inventory app, and then follow the instructions to upload the sample inventory file. See Import inventory.

For more information about the Clover REST API service, see Clover REST API.