OAuth terminology

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App ID & SecretProvides authentication that your client app, Clover app, and merchant are all authorized to interoperate. Provide these values to the CloverPaymentSDK in your mobile app.
Clover appTo authorize OAuth for your mobile app, create a Clover app at https://sandbox.dev.clover.com/developer-home (sandbox) and https://www.dev.clover.com/developer-home (production). The app goes through Clover app approval processes, and provides the App ID and App Secret which will be used by your mobile app during OAuth.
EmployeeAn employee:
- Is the person using your application.
- Has an account on https://sandbox.dev.clover.com (sandbox) or https://www.clover.com (production).
- Is tied to a merchant as an employee in the Merchant Dashboard.
- Uses their employee login credentials to log in to the OAuth login screen.

Note: The Clover Go software development kit (SDK) does not use the passcode in the employee configuration is not used by . Instead, employees must have an email/password login and then be assigned to the merchant as an employee using the same email.
MerchantA Clover merchant:

- Needs a Clover account to process payments.
- Must have your Clover app installed to their Merchant Dashboard to perform OAuth.
- Has one or more employees configured on the Merchant Dashboard.

Access the Merchant Dashboard through https://sandbox.dev.clover.com (sandbox) and https://www.clover.com (production).
Mobile appYour mobile app, running on iPhone operating system (iOS), and consuming the CloverPaymentSDK. Configure your mobile app by providing it with the App ID and Secret, OAuth redirect URI, and an environment to talk to. There are multiple ways to implement OAuth in your app, which are discussed in detail below.
ProductionWhen you are ready to deploy your application, create accounts and applications in the production environment. Payments taken in production are real and move money in the real world.
SandboxSandbox environment provides production-like code in an environment that does not impact your production systems in any way. Any payments taken in sandbox are validated as if they were real; however, no money moves in the real world. Test credit cards allow you to take "test" payments. Create accounts and applications in sandbox the same as in production. Use sandbox to test your app in a safe environment.
Site URLProvides a validated URL that can be used as the redirect URI during the OAuth flow.