Get a signature

United States

A merchant may need the customer's signature to acknowledge receipt of an item or indicate their response to a question. To capture a signature, use the /v1/device/read-signature endpoint. The signature data returned by this endpoint can be a Base64-encoded BMP, JPG, PNG, or SVG file.



Signatures for payments are captured automatically during the payment flow based on the verification rules set by the card brands.


  • POS is connected to the device using a network or cloud connection.
  • Clover device is idle; that is, no payment is being taken.


To capture a signature on the device:

  1. Construct a request with the signatureFormat you want to receive in response.
  "signatureFormat": "SVG"
  1. Send a POST request to the /v1/device/read-signature endpoint.
  2. Required. Include the required headers for your request.
    The signature screen displays on the device. When the customer signs and accepts the signature, a message containing the signature data appears.
    "signature": {
        "format": "SVG",
        "gzip": false

To display the default idle screen, see Display the welcome screen for instructions.