Generate a test API token

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OAuth 2.0 and test API token

Clover uses OAuth 2.0 to create a secure connection between your Web apps and Clover merchant information.
The Clover OAuth 2.0 framework requires you to retrieve an API token. API tokens secure the communication between an app integration and your merchant account. An API token gives permission to access and create merchant data, such as payments, orders, and inventory. It can also be used to integrate online payments with your ecommerce website.



For your Android app, you can generate an API token and query web services using Clover Android SDK.

Clover’s implementation of OAuth 2.0 consists of the following information:

Client ID (App ID)Client or App ID that uniquely identifies an app on Clover App Market.
Client Secret (App Secret)Client Secret or App Secret is a secret key that is assigned to your app by Clover. See App ID and App Secret.
Merchant ID (mId)Merchant ID uniquely identifies Clover merchants (including test merchants) on the Clover platform.
Format: 13 characters.
See Locate your test merchant ID.
Authorization CodeAn authorized merchant, who has signed into Clover, is redirected to your app along with an authorization code. With this code, the Clover server confirms that your request for merchant data is authorized by the merchant.
API TokenYour app uses the Authorization Code, Client ID, and Client Secret to negotiate with the Clover server for an API token. With the API token, your app can make REST API calls and access merchant data. See Using Clover REST API.



Test API tokens that you generate in your sandbox Developer Dashboard can only be used when testing the API in the sandbox environment. Do not use these merchant tokens in the Production environment.

Generate a test API token

With your test API token, you can make a REST API call and access Clover merchant data. You can create as many test API tokens as required.
To generate a test API token:

  1. Log in to the Developer Dashboard.
  2. From the Developer Account drop-down list, select a merchant name under Businesses. The test Merchant Dashboard appears.
  3. From the left navigation menu, click Account & Setup. The Account & Setup page appears.
  4. In the Business Operations section, click API Tokens.

The API Tokens page appears.
3. Click Create New Token. A Create new token pop-up appears.

  1. Enter a token name and set permissions based on the test merchant information you want to manage.

The Create new token pop-up displays app permissions that map to platform API endpoints. See API Reference > Platform API section.
5. Click Create Token. The new token displays in the Tokens section.
6. Expand the Permissions section to view the permissions associated with the API token.