Generate a test API token

Clover uses OAuth 2.0 to create a secure connection between your Web apps and Clover merchant information.



For your Android app, you can simply generate an API token and query web services using Clover Android SDK.

The Clover OAuth 2.0 framework requires you to retrieve an API token before you can query merchant information, such as inventory, orders, and payments.

Clover’s implementation of Using OAuth 2.0 consists of the following parts:

Client ID (App ID)The Client ID or App ID uniquely identifies an app on Clover App Market.
Client Secret (App Secret)The Client Secret or App Secret is a secret key that is assigned to your app by Clover.
Merchant ID (MID)The merchant ID uniquely identifies Clover merchants (including test merchants) on the Clover platform. MIDs are 13 characters in length. On the Merchant Dashboard, you can find the MID for your test merchant in the browser window URL.
Authorization CodeWhen a merchant has signed in to Clover with their merchant account, you receive an authorization code. With this code, you can request for an API token.
API TokenWith the API token, your app can make REST API calls and access merchant data.

You can view the App ID and App Secret on the App Settings page.

Generating an API token

To generate a test API token for use in the sandbox environment:

  1. On the sandbox Developer Dashboard, select a test merchant from the header menu. You are redirected to the test merchant dashboard.
  2. Click Setup > API Tokens from the side-nav. This is where you generate test API tokens.
  3. On the API Tokens page, click Create New Token.
  4. In the Create new token modal, enter a name and set permissions based on the test merchant information you want to query and manage. Note that these are app permissions and they map to platform API endpoints.
  5. Select Create Token. You can create as many test API tokens as required.

With your test API token, you can make a REST API call and access Clover merchant data.



Tokens generated with the Setup app should only be used when testing the API in sandbox. Using these merchant tokens in production is forbidden.