Device diagnostics

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Clover devices have built-in diagnostic features to help you troubleshoot issues related to your network and connected printers. You may also be asked to use the diagnostic tools while working with Clover Support or Developer Relations to determine the cause of a device issue.

Launch diagnostics

To open the diagnostics tools, complete the following steps.

  1. On the device home screen, tap the Help app.
  2. Tap the menu icon, and then tap Diagnostics. The Diagnostics page appears.

Diagnostics home page

The status bar presents high-level information about the device's connection to important items like Wi-Fi and the server. The device also receives notifications from the Clover Mobile Dashboard Android or iOS apps. If notifications are not appearing as expected, you can verify the connection to the notification service on the status bar.


Device status bar

View connection status and history

While the status bar gives a basic indication of the device's Wi-Fi connection, you can view the connection history and more detailed information (such as IP addresses and connection uptime/downtime) on the Connection History page. To open the history, tap Connection Status on the Diagnostics home page.


Connection history

Test network speed

Some device issues can be caused by a slow connection to the Clover server. To check your network's speed, do the following.

  1. On the Connection History page, tap Speed Test.
  2. On the Connection Speed Test page, tap Begin Test. The device sends test requests to the server and displays the result.

Speed test result

View printer status and queue

If a printing job did not finish as expected, you can open the printer queue to see if there is an issue with the print job. To view the queue, tap Print Queue on the Diagnostics home page.


Printer queue

The print queue page provides a few tools to remedy printer issues.

  • To remove all pending print jobs from the queue, tap Clear Queue.
  • To retry pending jobs (after adding paper or fixing a connection issue), tap Retry Print Jobs.
  • To modify an existing printer configuration, tap Set Up Printers.



A pending print job is automatically removed from the queue after 60 minutes.

View network queue

All messages sent from the device to a Clover server are queued for transmission. If a network failure or other issue prevents the message from being sent as expected, it will remain in the queue until the problem is resolved. To open the queue and check for pending messages, tap Network queue on the Diagnostics home page.


Network queue

Verify merchant information

Clover devices are provisioned for individual merchants; you can verify this merchant-to-device association by tapping Additional Details on the Diagnostics home page.


Additional details

On this page, you can view the merchant name, merchant ID (MID), Clover ID, and the device serial number.