Technical support

United States
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The comprehensive technical support from Clover helps you succeed as a Clover developer.



Clover provides developer support in English, only.

Developer support options

Developers receive support through the following:

  • Clover email support with a response time of 5 business days.
  • Access to the Clover Community forum, a moderated questions and answer (Q&A) site that lets you get assistance from other developers and Clover support. The Clover Community is free and accessible 24/7 for all developers.
  • 24/7 access to developer documentation on our Developer Docs portal.

Developer support email address

The primary support model for developers is through email correspondence. You can send us an email at [email protected]. Our Developer Relations (DevRel) team responds within 5 business days.

Clover recommends that you:

  • Add the domain in the allowlist for your email client.
  • Add the [email protected] email address to your contact list.
  • Check your junk or spam folder for emails from [email protected].

Clover strives to meet the needs of our entire developer community. For more information on the developer account approval and app approval, see: