Credit response reference

The following table describes the information that can be returned for credit actions initiated with the Clover Connector manualRefund function. This is not a comprehensive listing, and some properties are present only when certain transaction parameters are met.

successWhether the operation was successful
resultThe final result of the requested operation
reasonAdditional information about the result
messageDetailed information about the result
creditAn object representing the credit
credit.idThe unique identifier of the credit
credit.orderRef.idThe unique identifier of the Clover order associated to the credit
credit.tender.idThe unique identifier of the merchant tender type used for the credit
credit.tender.editableWhether this merchant tender is editable
credit.tender.labelKeyInternal name of the tender (see Clover tender reference for more information)
credit.tender.labelThe name of the tender appearing to the merchant and customer (see Clover tender reference for more information)
credit.tender.opensCashDrawerWhether a connected cash drawer is opened after the transaction is processed
credit.tender.enabledWhether the tender type is active for the merchant
credit.tender.visibleWhether the tender type is shown in the Clover Setup app
credit.tender.instructionsSteps for the merchant to follow when accepting this tender type
credit.amountNumber of cents representing the order subtotal
credit.tipAmountNumber of cents added as a tip
credit.taxAmountNumber of cents collected for taxes. This is included in the subtotal shown in the credit.amount field.
credit.cashbackAmountNumber of cents given to the customer as cash
credit.externalPaymentIdA unique identifier sent by your POS with the transaction request. See Tracking transactions with external IDs for more information.
credit.employee.idThe unique identifier of the employee that processed the credit
credit.createdTimeUnix timestamp of when the credit record was created
credit.cardTransactionAn object containing information about the card presented by the customer to complete the credit
credit.cardTransaction.cardTypeThe brand of card used for the credit
credit.cardTransaction.entryTypeThe way the card information was entered at the Clover device. These options can be controlled with the CardEntryMethods per-transaction setting.
credit.cardTransaction.first6First six digits of the card number
credit.cardTransaction.last4Last four digits of the card number
credit.cardTransaction.typeThe transaction type recorded by the payment gateway
credit.cardTransaction.authCodeThe authorization code returned by the card issuer
credit.cardTransaction.referenceIdThe reference identifier returned by the card issues
credit.cardTransaction.transactionNoThe transaction identifier returned by the card issues
credit.cardTransaction.stateThe current status of the credit (either PENDING or CLOSED)
credit.cardTransaction.extraAn object containing additional details about the card transaction
credit.cardTransaction.extra.authorizingNetworkNameThe name of the card network that processed the transaction request
credit.cardTransaction.tokenA reusable, tokenized representation of the card. This is returned only when the merchant is configured for multipay tokens.
credit.cardTransaction.vaultedCardAn object containing data about the customer's tokenized card. This is returned only for merchants that are configured for multipay tokens.
credit.cardTransaction.vaultedCard.first6First six digits of the card number
credit.cardTransaction.vaultedCard.last4Last four digits of the card number
credit.cardTransaction.vaultedCard.cardholderNameFull name of the cardholder
credit.cardTransaction.vaultedCard.expirationDateA four-digit representation of the expiration date in MMYY format
credit.cardTransaction.vaultedCard.tokenA reusable, tokenized representation of the card
credit.germanInfoCredit information specific to the German region
credit.externalReferenceIdA unique identifier sent by your POS with the transaction request. This field can be used to associate a Clover transaction with the merchant's order identifier (such as an invoice or purchase order number).
credit.paymentIdThe original payment credited by the refund