Create a sandbox account



If you process credit cards, we highly recommend you secure your account with two-factor authentication to protect merchants and their data.



Creating, updating, and deleting apps in the sandbox environment won't affect your published apps installed by Clover merchants using Clover's App Market.

To learn about Clover developer environment, see Developer Accounts.

To create your sandbox developer account:

  1. On the sandbox account creation page, enter your email address.
  2. In the confirmation email you receive, follow the instructions to verify your email address. You are redirected to the Developer Dashboard to complete your account information.
  3. Fill in the following information about your account:
  • Full Name: Your identification information in the sandbox environment
  • Public Developer Name: Either your developer name or company name. The developer name is displayed to users when viewing your app on the Clover App Market.
  • Create your Test Merchant: Your first test merchant. You can edit this information later and also create more test merchants in the Developer Dashboard. Use the following table to complete the test merchant information.



If you are creating a test merchant for any region besides the US, be sure to select the correct currency for testing your app. Some regions, such as Canada, allow processing in more than one currency, and this setting cannot be changed once the test merchant is created.

Merchant NameThe name of the merchant, which appears in your dashboard and on the Dev Kit tied to the account.
CountryThe country where the merchant operates.
Zip/Postal/Pin CodeA valid zip code for the merchant.
Street AddressThe street and building information for the merchant.
CityThe city of the merchant business.
State/ProvinceThe state or province of the merchant business. If the selected country does not have states or provinces, enter n/a.
CurrencyThe currency accepted by the merchant.
Phone NumberA phone number for the merchant.
TimezoneThe timezone for the merchant.
Employee Passcode LengthSelect whether employees must use a four- or six-digit code to log on to the test device.
  1. After you have entered your account information, select Create Account. You now see the Developer Dashboard for your account in the sandbox environment.

Import inventory

  1. After you log on to your sandbox account, select your test merchant from the drop-down list in the header.
  2. On the left navigation pane, click Inventory and import the sample inventory file.

Sample inventory

We have created a [sample inventory](" target) file that will help you get started with your test merchant.

Clover platform status updates

Sign up on Clover's Status page to be informed about maintenance activities. Using this information, you can plan your work so that you do not attempt to connect to Clover's resources when they will be less responsive than usual or down for maintenance.

The URLs for all sandbox services now have dynamic IP addresses. Any developers using static IP addresses for connecting to sandbox services must support the URLs instead.