Clover support for EBT

United States

Overview of Clover support for electronic benefit transfer (EBT):

Clover devicesEBT transactions are supported on our devices—Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, Clover Flex, and Station Duo. EBT is also supported on Clover Station 1.0 and Station 2018 devices with a tethered Mini.
Types of EBT transaction- Cash benefit
- SNAP food benefit
Card type- Magnetic stripe
- Manual card entry
Note: EMV chip cards are not supported.
TransactionsEBT transactions can be made using REST Pay Display, Remote Pay Cloud, Cloud Pay Display, and Payment Connector.
Supported transactions include:
- Ability to take a sale
- Ability to withdraw
- Balance inquiry
- Voids (within 25 minutes)
Verify qualifying EBT purchasesMerchants are solely responsible for ensuring that EBT purchases are for qualifying items.
Remote Pay sale requestsRemote Pay sale requests cannot indicate that a request is EBT only. If a sale request is using Remote Pay, your app must check that the tender type was EBT in the sale response; otherwise, the payment must be voided.
Partial authsPartial auths cannot be performed on EBT transactions. Partial auths are declined with an Insufficient Funds message. The decline includes the beginning and available balances.
Offline EBT transactions not supportedEach US state has its own EBT network. If a state's network is down, the EBT transaction cannot be completed. Offline EBT transactions decline with a Transaction declined message.