Clover semi-integration basics

What is Clover semi-integration?

Clover's secure semi-integration solution allows your existing point-of-sale software to accept EMV-ready, PCI-compliant payments. The Clover platform offers a customer-facing experience that enhances the POS and handles all payment acceptance tasks.

A semi-integration integrates your hardware and software with Clover's hardware and software, making your point-of-sale EMV compliant quickly and easily.

Depending on the combination of merchant- and customer-facing devices you require, Clover offers different payment interfaces.

Payment Connector

The Java-based PaymentConnector interface exposes all of the Clover features needed for your app to make a sale, issue a refund, and perform other payment functions. If you are building a point of sale directly on a Clover device, this API will serve your needs.

Clover Connector

The CloverConnector interface offers external POS systems access to the same payment functions as PaymentConnector, as well as features like custom receipts and Android activities. The interface is available as an SDK for four platforms: Android, iOS, JavaScript, and .NET.

REST Pay Display

REST Pay Display provides a simple bridge between your point-of-sale system and a Clover Flex or Clover Mini. A REST integration is the quickest way to begin taking payments on a Clover device. Any POS application capable of making HTTP requests can use REST Pay to take card-present payments. A retailer can take any type of standard card-present payments after your POS app is integrated with REST Pay. The REST PAY API allows developers familiar with the Ecommerce API to quickly add an in-person payment option to their app.

Android Payments API

The Android Payments API is an intent-based API for use by applications running on Clover devices for executing payment transaction requests. The Android intents can be built using Intent Builders and support payment operations including payments, preauthorizations, and payment reversals (void/refund). The Android Payments API is intended to be a replacement for Payment Connector, as it will provide more capabilities and support for additional configurations.

Clover’s competitive advantage

What you get with Clover:

  • The ability to tap into a sales force of over 4,000 people
  • Award-winning, patented hardware design
  • Unlimited batch capacity
  • Simple integration (get a basic sale function up and running in less than a day)
  • All receipts and customer signatures are stored forever and retrievable through a single web call
  • Integrated camera/barcode scanner

What you get from our integration:

  • Open source SDK
  • High-level, transparent CloverConnector API
  • Support for peripherals using our patented hub for weight scales, barcode scanners, and more

Interested in integrating with a Clover device? Email us at [email protected].

Other Clover features

  • PCI compliant
  • Takes all payments types (magnetic stripe swipe, EMV dip, NFC contactless, and manual entry)
  • Auths, pre-auths, and sale transactions
  • Voids, payment refunds, manual refunds (detached credits)
  • Partial auths
  • Store & Forward (take offline payments)
  • 3G/4G connectivity (optional)
  • Integrated printer with thermal paper (Clover Flex and Clover Mini)
  • 4 standard USB ports
  • Detects and prevents duplicate transactions
  • Manual card entry
  • Cashback
  • Customizable tip options
  • Settings can be configured per merchant

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