Capture a charge

United States

Use the Capture a charge endpoint to retrieve details of an existing charge, previously created using the Create a charge endpoint. To return a charge, use the charge identifier (chargeId) from the create a charge request. ChargeId also returns when a charge is first created or refunded.

Path parameters

Path parameter to use when capturing a charge:

chargeIdstringUniversally unique identifier (UUID) of the charge.Required

Body parameters

Body parameters to use when capturing a charge:

amountint64Charge amount in the smallest monetary unit of the merchant's currency. If you do not specify an amount, the total of the original charge is captured.
Format: Cents
receipt_emailstringEmail address to which the charge receipt is sent. This value overrides any previously-specified email address for the charge.
Note: Receipts are not sent in the sandbox environment.
level2objectAdditional data for purchase card transactions (US only). See Level 2 data.

Request and response examples

Request and response samples when running Capture a charge:

curl --request POST \
     --url'' \
     --header 'Accept: application/json' \
     --header 'Authorization: Bearer ab86a5e8-48f3-b3bd-8c45-d415e9867833' \
     --header 'Content-Type: application/json'
     --header 'x-forwarded-for: {client_ip}' \
  "id": "1AB2CDEF3G4H",
  "amount": 10,
  "currency": "usd",
  "created": 1656626930000,
  "captured": false,
  "customer": "ABCDEF12G3H45",
  "ref_num": "218100500005",
  "auth_code": "OK0974",
  "order": "12A34BBCCDDEE",
  "outcome": {
    "network_status": "approved_by_network",
    "type": "authorized"
  "paid": true,
  "status": "succeeded",
  "source": {
    "id": "clv_1ABCD23efghI45JklmN6o7p",
    "brand": "VISA",
    "first6": "123456",
    "last4": "1234"


The following table describes the possible responses when running the capture a charge endpoint:

200stringReturns the charge object with any captured value set to true.
400 Bad RequeststringchargeReturns when a card-related error occurs. Indicates the unique ID of the failed charge.
400 Bad RequeststringcodeReturns additional information about the error that you can use to provide user-friendly handling of the issue.
400 Bad Requeststringdecline_codeReturns when a card issuer declined the transaction. Includes the reason for the decline if specified by the card issuer.
400 Bad Requeststringdoc_urlReturns a link for more information about the reported error code.
400 Bad RequeststringmessageProvides detailed information about the error code. For card-related errors, use this information to inform users.
400 Bad RequeststringparamIf the error is related to a specific parameter, this value lists the parameter. You can inform users of a particular issue in the entered card information.
400 Bad RequeststringtypeReturned error type:
- api_connection_error
- api_error
- authentication_error
- card_error
- idempotency_error
- invalid_request_error
- rate_limit_error