Canada merchants


Merchant configurations

The Clover platform provides features to support merchants and developers in Canada. Merchants can process payments in either US dollars (USD) or Canadian dollars (CAD). The transaction gateway supports a wide range of payment functions, but a specific merchant may be limited to a subset of functions.

SDK minimum version requirements

Integrations for Canada must use SDK version 2.0 or higher.

Language support

Clover devices support both English and French payment flow. The Payment.TransactionInfo object returned for each payment includes the language and locale information provided by the customer card. If your integration prints custom receipts, you should use this information to match the card and receipt language.

ICloverConnector method support

The SDK ICloverConnector methods function differently in Canada in part because Clover devices process Interac debit cards. To conform with the network's rules for personal identification number (PIN) entry, Interac transactions are limited by the SDK to specific payment actions.

SalesOnly credit cards and co-branded Interac cards can be entered manually when processing a transaction using the sale() method.
Auths and pre-authsNot supported:
- Transaction methods: auth() and preAuth()
- Tip adjustments: tipAdjustAuth()
Payment refunds and voidsSupported: To refund an Interac transaction using the refundPayment() method, the card must be inserted into the Clover device.
Not supported: Voiding of refunds is not supported.
Vaulted cardsNot supported. Interac cards cannot be stored for future transactions using the vaultCard() method.
Offline paymentsNot supported. Canadian merchants cannot use their Clover devices to process any payments in offline mode.
Manual closeoutsNot supported. Method: closeout(). All merchants are automatically closed out.
Currency restrictionsOnly merchants configured to process transactions in Canadian dollars (CAD) can accept Interac cards.

Payment integrations

The following integrations are supported in Canada by the corresponding Remote Pay SDKs.

  • Cloud Pay Display on Clover Flex and Clover Mini 2 (JavaScript 3.0+)
  • Secure Network Pay Display on Clover Flex and Clover Mini 2 (Android v2.0+, iOS v3.0+, JavaScript 3.0+, and .NET v2.0+)
  • USB Pay Display on Clover Mini 2 (Android v2.0+ and .NET v2.0+)
  • Payment Connector

Merchant plans

  • Payments Plus
  • Register Lite
  • Register
  • Counter Service
  • Table Service Restaurant