Argentine merchants

The Clover platform provides the following features to support merchants and developers for the Argentine market.

SDK minimum version requirements

Integrations for Argentina must use Remote Pay SDK version 3.0 or higher.

Merchant configurations for Argentina

Merchants are configured to process payments in Argentine Pesos (ARS). No other currencies are supported.



The transaction gateway supports a wide range of payment functions, but a specific merchant may be limited to a subset of functions.

ICloverConnector Method Support

To conform with Argentine payment processing rules, the SDK's ICloverConnector methods are limited as described in the following sections.


The preAuth() transaction method is not supported for Argentine merchants.

Manual closeouts

The closeout() method is not supported. All merchants are automatically closed out.

Manual refunds

Refunds cannot be processed with the manualRefund() method. Only specific payments can be refunded using refundPayment().

Vaulted cards

Cards cannot be stored for future transactions using the vaultCard() method.

Offline payments

Offline payments will be processed if allowed by the merchant's device settings or by the user's approval when the transaction occurs.

Card data

Card information cannot be retrieved with the readCardData() method.

Payment integrations

The following Clover Flex and Mini integrations are supported in the Argentine market.

  • Cloud Pay Display
  • Secure Network Pay Display (iOS v3.0.1+, JS v3.0.1+, and .NET v3.0.1+)
  • USB Pay Display
  • Payment Connector

Merchant plans

  • Payments Plus
  • Register Lite
  • Register

App Billing

Merchants cannot be billed for apps through the App Market.