At Clover, we design and build low-cost and highly functional Android-based point-of-sale (POS) systems for small or medium-sized businesses (SMB). Clover merchants use our suite of apps for different business functions.

Clover is an open platform allowing third-party developers to build apps and integrate external POS systems with Clover devices.

Reach over hundreds of thousands of merchants

Clover is the fastest-growing POS platform backed by Fiserv, a market leader processing over 50% of global card transactions.

We currently operate in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Canada, and Argentina, and we are expanding to new regions to better serve merchants around the globe.

Clover App Market

As a developer, you can make a difference and transform the way merchants run their business by saving time through intuitive apps on the Clover App Market. Merchants are looking for solutions to make their small to medium businesses more efficient and profitable. Our open platform allows you to seamlessly connect your apps and reach merchants in new ways.

Monetize your app

Merchants spend millions of dollars each year on marketing, loyalty, accounting programs, and other services to run their businesses. Be a trailblazer and help merchants grow their business with your app on the Clover App Market. Developers receive 70% of the net subscription revenue. Learn more about monetizing your apps.

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