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Clover architecture

Solutions on the Clover Platform

  • A cloud-based point-of-sale service and REST API
  • Android-based point-of-sale devices
  • Android-based remote services (AIDL), content providers, and broadcasts via the Clover Services APK
  • A standard set of Android intents that Clover and third-party applications can implement
  • An App Market for developers to publish their applications

Clover uses this platform to provide a basic set of point-of-sale applications useful to restaurants and retailers. We encourage developers to build specialized applications for particular types of establishments (e.g. full-service restaurants have different needs from food trucks or yogurt shops). Our goal is that any Clover-provided application could be replaced or superseded by a third-party application.

What is a Clover app?

A Clover app can take many forms:

  • An Android app that runs natively on a Clover point-of-sale device
  • An Android or iOS app that runs on a consumer device
  • A server-supported web app
  • A pure HTML/JS web app utilizing CORS
  • A server-to-server app

A Clover app can be any or all of the above. For example, a table reservation app might perform server-to-server calls to take consumer reservations, provide an Android app that runs on the merchant's Clover device to view and manage those reservations, and offer an iOS app to provide reporting and analytics to the restaurant owner.

The essential element is that the app is published in the Clover App Market, allowing merchants to install the app and grant access to their data.

Commerce Services

Clover provides core commerce-related services including:

  • Employee management
  • Inventory tracking
  • Order management
  • Payment processing
  • Customer management

Peripheral Services

Clover also integrates with hardware peripherals for the following purposes:

  • Receipt printing
  • Barcode scanning
  • Weighing

Management Services

Clover manages the following key services for you:

  • App billing
  • Push notifications

Clover environments

You'll use two environments to create, test, and publish applications on the Clover platform: sandbox and production.

The sandbox environment is for testing applications with test merchant data and payment information. Sandbox is connected to a test payment gateway which checks the validity of test cards and provide realistic responses to payment requests. For apps which interact with Clover's payment functions, this allows you to build and test robust applications which handle all possible responses when completing a transaction.

The production environment is where fully tested apps are submitted, tested for functionality, and approved. Merchants will download and install your production application.


Production test merchant accounts are connected to a payment gateway that does not check for card validity or otherwise verify that the payment request is correct or complete. All testing should be done in the sandbox environment before submitting the app for approval.

Clover architecture

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