Platform Docs

Submitting Apps


All apps submitted to the Clover App Market are reviewed to ensure they perform as expected, are free of critical bugs, and add value for busy merchants.

As you finalize app development, verify that:

  • Your Clover Developer Account has been approved
  • You've entered valid banking details
  • The final versions of your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have been approved
  • Your Help site is complete

Submit Your App

Once you've completed the App Demo and the steps above, you'll be ready to submit your app for review. To do this, select the Submit App button in your app's listing on the Your Apps page of the Developer Dashboard.

APK Approval (Android Apps Only)

In order to meet Clover's security standards for apps that will run natively on Clover devices, the APK component of the app must be reviewed and then triple signed as part of the approval process. Once the app itself has been approved, you can submit the app's APK for approval by navigating to the app's Manage APKs page, locating the production version of your APK, and selecting the Submit button under Approval Status.

When you submit the APK its status will change to Pending Approval. Your APK will either be approved for signing or rejected.

Once your APK is approved its status will change to Pending Signing. Your app will be triple signed on the next signing date, which is typically within a week. No further action is required on your end.

After your APK has been triple signed you will receive an email notification to publish your app.


In order to allow for quick rollbacks, we recommend submitting two versions of your APK together. Submit both a version x.1 (the new version) and a version x.2 (same as the old version, with a higher version code).