v293 release notes

Clover Android SDK

The following data model changes, new features, improvements, and bug fixes were released in Clover Android SDK v293.

Data model changes

  • Added partner_tax to the tax_type enum to display partner taxes (non-editable by the merchant).

New features and improvements

Payments API

  • Updated OrderStateService and OrderStateReceiver classes to enable next-gen modeled customer identification process.


  • TipAdjustRequestIntentBuilder to allow tip adjustment on an existing pre-auth and capture the payment for the final amount.
  • RetrieveCreditRequestIntentBuilder class to retrieve a previously processed credit on a Clover device.
  • creditId and refundId parameters to RetrieveCreditRequestIntentBuilder.


  • Removed static class from SessionContentObserver to static designation.

Bug fixes


  • Defined ‘PURCHASING_CARD’ to the Module enum.
  • Added remoteReceipts to enable or disable print/SMS/email receipts instead of cloverShouldHandleReceipts.