Using Clover Android Payments API

The Clover Android Payments API offers an intent-based payments API for third-party applications running on Clover hardware to process payments. If you are building a point-of-sale (POS) system directly on a Clover device (or have previously developed an app with Payment Connector), the Clover Android Payments API will serve as a streamlined payment option on a variety of Clover device configurations (without needing to be device aware).

Currently, the following operations are supported:

  • Processing final and tip-adjustable payments
  • Processing pre-authorization payments
  • Capturing pre-authorized payments
  • Processing a payment reversal

Operation coming soon:

  • Tokenizing cards (saving a card on file) (only on supported devices)
  • Clover Receipt management

Please use the following references and tutorial to help get you started.


Supported devices

Clover Android Payments API reference

Clover Android Payments API tutorial

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