United Kingdom and Ireland merchants

Merchant configurations


The Clover platform provides features to support merchants and developers in Ireland and the United Kingdom (UK). Merchants are configured to process payments either in Euros (EUR) or British Pounds (GBP). The transaction gateway supports a wide range of payment functions, but a specific merchant may be limited to a subset of functions.

ICloverConnector methods

Some of the SDK ICloverConnector methods function differently in this region to conform with regional laws and regulations. The following ICloverConnector methods are not supported for European region merchants:

Auths and pre-authsNot supported:
- Transactions methods auth() and preAuth()
- Tip adjustments using tipAdjustAuth()
Vaulted cardsNot supported. Cards cannot be stored for future transactions using the vaultCard() method.
Offline paymentsNot supported. Payments are not processed if the Clover device is offline.
Manual closeoutsNot supported. Method: closeout(). All merchants are automatically closed out.

Payment integrations

The following Clover Flex and Clover Mini integrations are supported in Ireland and the UK:

  • Cloud Pay Display on Clover Flex and Clover Mini (2nd gen) (JavaScript 3.0+)
  • Secure Network Pay Display on Clover Flex and Clover Mini (2nd gen) (Android v3.0+, iOS v3.0+, JavaScript 3.0+, and .NET v3.0+)
  • USB Pay Display on Clover Mini (2nd gen) (Android v3.0+ and .NET v3.0+)
  • Payment Connector