Support timelines (Remote Pay SDKs)

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Clover Remote Pay SDKs will continue to receive updates and bug fixes according to the following guidelines:

  • Clover plans to support the current release of all Remote Pay SDKs for multiple years.
  • When a major release occurs, any current major release that has been in production for over a year will be marked deprecated.
  • If a current major release is less than a year old when a new major release occurs, the current version will not be deprecated until the next major release occurs.
  • Major releases two versions back from the current major release date generally will stop taking payments.
  • Applications developed using the most recent major release will therefore maximize the supported lifetime of the application.


Definitions of the SDK support lifecycle:

  • Supported—The SDK is in active use with Clover merchants. Integrators continue to receive support from Clover for developing and publishing their integrated point-of-sale apps.
  • Deprecated —Clover stops providing updates and bug fixes for the SDK. If there are issues reported in this version of the SDK, they will not be fixed. Integrators experiencing a problem with this version of the SDK must upgrade to the newest SDK version for any code updates or fixes.
  • Unsupported—Clover devices will no longer process transactions submitted with this SDK version. The version is deactivated to ensure merchants and the apps they use are kept in regulatory compliance.

Unsupported SDK version warnings

If you attempt a transaction with an unsupported SDK version, the device will not start the payment flow. A warning is logged that lists the merchant UUID, SDK version, app UUID, and RAID.

In this example, the POS app is using Remote Pay Android version 1.4.1, a version that was no longer supported after Q1 2021.

Remote Pay SDK is not supported. 
Merchant: G3B4HVETE8S50, 
Developer App ID: ZH933M62THXFR,