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All apps submitted to the Clover App Market are reviewed to make sure they perform as expected, are free of bugs, and add value for merchants. You need an approved developer account to submit an app for approval through the production Developer Dashboard. You can then track your app through the approval process using the app card. For more information, see Understand the app approval process.


  • Create an app in the production environment—When you create an app, you must select a subscription country because Clover must know the subscription country where your app is available for processing payments.
  • Submit developer account for approval—Clover must verify and approve your production developer account before starting the process of approving your app. Your app is linked to your approved production developer account.

Submit an app for approval

  1. Log into the Developer Dashboard.
  2. From the left navigation menu, select Your Apps > app name > Overview.
  3. Click Submit App. The Submission Checklist pane appears with information on the submission tasks you have either completed or need to complete.
Developer Dashboard - App Submission Checklist

Developer Dashboard - App Submission Checklist

  1. Use the checklist to review and complete the required information. See Use the Submission Checklist.
  2. Click Submit for Approval to submit your app for approval to the Clover App Market team.

Use the Submission Checklist

The Submission Checklist guides you through a list of tasks that you must complete before you can submit your app for approval.

  1. On the Submission Checklist, click an incomplete task. Depending on the task, one of the following pages appears for your app—App Settings, Market Listing, or App Releases.
  2. Complete the selected task. As you complete a task on the Submission Checklist, the task is marked as complete.
  3. After you have completed all the tasks, from the left navigation menu, click Dashboard. The Dashboard home displays your app cards.
  4. Click the ellipsis icon on the app card to complete your submission. A submenu appears.
Developer Dashboard - App cards

Developer Dashboard - App cards

  1. Click Submit App. This button is also available on other pages for your app, such as Overview, App Settings, or Market Listing.
  • If you have completed all the required app settings and market listing information, you can click Submit for Approval on the Submission Checklist to confirm your app submission.
  • If tasks on the Submission Checklist are incomplete, the Submit for Approval button is not available, and you need to go back to Step 1.

Once your app is submitted, the app card and all other pages for your app display a Pending status. For more information on the approval status, see Know about the app approval status.