Station Duo changes | Issues with Android NFC - March 22, 2021

We have identified technical issues with non-payment Android NFC services on Clover Station Duo (previously Station Pro). When customers scan unidentified tags on Station Duo, the android.nfc features are causing unexpected behavior on the device.

On April 15, 2021, Clover is disabling non-payments Android NFC services on Station Duo. In addition, these services will not be available on all future-generation Clover devices.

Ensure that your Android apps safely handles the STATE_OFF state defined by the Android NfcAdapter class.



Other Clover devices, including Clover Mini and Clover Flex, are not affected. Clover merchants will continue to be able to accept contactless payments with their NFC-enabled Station Duo and all supported Clover devices.

To help us understand your usage of Android NFC, please complete this survey. We will use the information gathered from the survey to inform decisions on how to best cover any feature gaps from the removal of Android NFC.