Showcasing apps

The following tips will help you manage your app after publishing it. Apps that follow these guidelines have a greater chance of being promoted in the Clover App Market.

Sales Channel Policies

Clover maintains the following sales channel policies:

  • Do not reach out to the banks directly asking to promote your apps.
  • Bank channels have a policy prohibiting direct solicitation to their employees. Therefore, please refrain from offering any compensation or promotional offers for referring your app(s) to direct financial institutions.
  • Clover does not provide merchant lists.

Operation & Maintenance

Here are a few things you can do on your end to promote your app:

  • Provide merchant and sales rep support in a timely manner.
  • Add new features to your roadmap based on merchant/sales feedback.
  • Know which Clover devices and service plans your app supports (Payments/Payments Plus, Essentials/Register Lite, or Register).
  • Be prepared to demo your app on the fly.
  • Prepare a handout about your app highlighting features and functionality.
  • Create a presentation deck featuring your app and be sure to include pricing, clear screenshots, and contact information.
  • Follow Clover on Twitter, Facebook, and our developer blog. Merchants and sales reps follow and are sometimes featured.