Sandbox scheduled maintenance - Jan. 24th. 2022

Clover's Sandbox is scheduled to go through a maintenance procedure to upgrade both the Clover Server and Clover system apps on Jan. 24th at 3:00 PM (PST). This update will mimic the code that is scheduled to be updated in the North American Production environment in the first week of Feb. 2022.

Developer's that process payments should take note of the new Smart Tipping capability, where merchants will have more options to present to the customer on the Tip screen. Additionally, devices provisioned to sandbox test merchant's will also have their ROMs upgraded in the coming weeks. Lastly, a security upgrade will be applied to the sandbox that could effect some API calls that included access tokens in the URLs. This upgrade is also scheduled to be applied to Production in late February.

Clover is encouraging 3rd parties to confirm the behavior of their established applications and interactions with the Clover Server in the Sandbox environment prior to the code being available in Production.