Reviewing app installs

After your app is published on Clover's App Market, you can use this page to track how many merchants have installed your app, dates of installation, their chosen subscription tier, the version they have installed, and help codes.

On the side-nav, click your app to see the metrics. After your app has more than 100 installs, you can view the metrics showing merchants that have installed or uninstalled your apps by billable merchants.

This view enables you to gain deeper insights into your app's adoption by merchants. You can do the following:

  • Review trends of how well your app is being adopted by merchants
  • Track distribution of your app's installation by device or country

Screenshot of app installs and uninstalls for the last 12 months.

To see detailed information about your merchant app installs, click Installs.

See the documentation on how you can effectively use these metrics to gain app performance insights.

Using Help Codes

You can use help codes to verify if you're speaking to a real Clover merchant. Merchants can use help codes when contacting you regarding support for your apps.

Follow these steps to view Help Codes:

  1. On the side-nav, click the app.
  2. Click Installs.
  3. In the Help Codes column, click Show to unhide five 6-digit help codes, one of which a merchant may give to you when they request support.