REST Pay Display API introduction

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Watch an introduction to REST Pay Display

REST Pay Display API provides a simple interface for your point of sale (POS) application to accept payments on a Clover Flex or Clover Mini. Developers can connect their apps to a Clover device through the cloud or a local network connection without the need of an embedded SDK. The synchronous nature of this API also minimizes the amount of effort required to handle certain on-device activities and states.

This solution is comprised of two Clover components:

  • Clover REST Pay Display API
  • Clover App(s) on the device:
    • REST Pay Display if connecting through a local area network
    • Cloud Pay Display if connecting through the Clover cloud

Other benefits of REST Pay Display:

  • Compatibility with Clover Tokens and the Ecommerce API for omni-channel use cases
  • A streamlined app approval process

Use cases

Many types of merchants rely on POS systems integrated with existing inventory or customer management tools, or just prefer another POS system to the native Clover applications. REST Pay Display allows you to quickly connect your POS app to a Clover device to provide any merchant the ability to take payments.

Quick service restaurant

A counter-service restaurant needs to quickly move customers from ordering through payment, so the POS integration needs to be equally fast and efficient. A REST integration is the quickest way to begin taking payments on a Clover device.

Small retail stores

The limited resources of a small retail store can benefit from the simple setup required to take payments with REST Pay Display. A retailer can take any type of standard card-present payments after your POS app is integrated with REST Pay Display.

Requirements for existing semi-integrations

Existing integrations with Clover Connector (Remote Pay) SDKs require developers to handle complex synchronous communication based on inferred device flows. REST Pay Display will provide a synchronous communication method and an API that is fully directed, providing more granular control on the interaction between users and the device. The majority of payment operations supported in Remote Pay are also supported in REST.