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REST Pay Display API development checklist

Use the REST Pay Display API development checklist to help integrate your point-of-sale with Clover.

Task Description
Developer Dashboard Tasks
  Create a sandbox developer account. This creates a developer account for you, as well as a test merchant account.
  Create a web app on the developer dashboard for OAuth authentication. The web app should contain the REST settings required for the OAuth handshake.

Learn more about creating an app.
  Install your app to your test merchant. Allows you to view your app in the App Market preview.
Integration Tasks
  Complete your OAuth integration The integration uses properties of the web app you created on the developer dashboard.

For development purposes, this can be obtained through the developer dashboard, but should be generated through a function within your integration.
  Configure your POS connection Your POS can connect to the Clover Flex or Clover Mini using a local network connection or a cloud connection to the Clover servers.
  Build your merchant/customer workflows. Refer to the REST Pay Display tutorials and API Reference Guide