Refunding a captured order

Perform the following steps to view the refund status of a captured order:

  1. Login into Adobe Commerce as a Merchant admin.
  2. Navigate to Sales > Invoices.
  3. Click View from the Action column.
  1. Navigate to the Invoice detail screen.
  2. Click the Credit Memo.
  1. Navigate to the New Memo screen.
  2. Verify refund totals.
  3. Click Refund.
  1. Check that the Order Status displays as "Closed."
  1. Next, verify that the transaction was refunded on the Clover end by logging into Clover.
  2. Navigate to Orders.
  3. Check order status as "Refunded."



If you are unable to refund partially captured orders, please reach out to the Clover Merchant support team to have this feature enabled.

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