Refund response reference

The following table describes the information that can be returned for credit actions initiated with the Clover Connector refundPayment function. This is not a comprehensive listing, and some properties are present only when certain transaction parameters are met.

successWhether the operation was successful
resultThe final result of the requested operation
reasonAdditional information about the result
messageDetailed information about the result
orderIdThe unique identifier of the Clover order associated with the refund
paymentIdThe unique identifier of the original payment associated with the refund
refundAn object representing the refund
refund.idThe unique identifier of the refund
refund.device.idThe unique identifier of the Clover device which processed the refund
refund.amountNumber of cents representing the refund subtotal
refund.tipAmountNumber of cents added as a tip to the original transaction
refund.taxAmountNumber of cents collected for taxes. This is included in the subtotal shown in the refund.amount field.
refund.externalReferenceIdA unique identifier sent by your POS with the original transaction request. This field can be used to associate a Clover transaction with the merchant's order identifier (such as an invoice or purchase order number).
refund.createdTimeUnix timestamp of when the refund record was created
refund.clientCreatedTimeUnix timestamp of when the refund record was created on the Clover device
refund.payment.idThe unique identifier of the original transaction
refund.employee.idThe unique identifier of the employee that processed the refund
refund.voidedIf true, the refund was voided by a subsequent action
refund.transactionInfo.isTokenBasedTxIf true, the transaction was processed using a vaulted customer card
refund.transactionInfo.emergencyFlagIf true, the transaction was performed in emergency mode
refund.transactionInfo.clientCardTypeThe brand of card used for the refund