Recurring Payments and Subscriptions APIs



The Recurring Payments API and recurring payments apps are not for use with HIPAA merchants.

The Recurring Payments and Subscriptions APIs give Clover merchants and developers the ability to setup recurring charges on a periodical basis, such as monthly or weekly. Customers can be charged on a finite basis (for example, a payoff installment for six months) or infinite (for example, a streaming subscription). The subscription service will process each invoice at the configured date.

Recurring payment can be configured to be sent out automatically or on a one-time basis. When configured to be sent automatically, users can set a date on when a payment will be sent. An interval can be changed anytime after a plan is created. Customers will receive the first bill on the set start date. Subsequent bills will be sent on the defined interval. That is, if the payment schedule is monthly with a start date of February 1st, then the first bill is sent February 1st, second bill on March 1st, third bill on April 1st, etc.

A recurring payment can be configured on an encrypted card token. However, a card object is required to be created first. Refer to Generating a card token.

Watch the tutorial

Refer to the following tutorial to get helpful information about the recurring payments and subscriptions API.