Limitations by environment

United States
Latin America

Sandbox developer environment

If you are in the building and testing phase of your app, sandbox is the right place for you. The Clover sandbox environment is a testbed where you can experiment with the platform's capabilities.

You can:
- Create test merchant accounts to manage merchant data and install and test your solutions for these test merchant accounts without your app approvals.
- Create test merchants in other regions where you want to make your app available.
- Associate Dev Kits with your sandbox developer account.
You cannot:
- Publish your apps in the sandbox environment. Create your production account and follow proper procedures to publish and have your apps approved by Clover App Market.
- Use release groups in the sandbox. You can only create release groups for approved apps.

Production developer environment

If you have tried out our APIs and are ready to build an app for real-time use, create your region-specific production developer account in North America, Europe, or Latin America.

- Your app is linked to a production developer account. This account must be verified and approved by Clover before app approval can begin.
- You can submit your developer account for approval on production even while you are building and testing your app on the sandbox.
Note: To minimize app approval delays, be sure all information is complete and accurate.
- Dev Kits are not available for the production environment. You can only associate Dev Kits with your sandbox developer account.
- Production demo merchants do not provide as accurate results as the sandbox RapidConnect gateway for test payments.