Signature no longer required as CVM

For Clover merchants in the US, Canada, and Argentina, signature verification is no longer required as a cardholder verification method (CVM). Clover merchants can still take payments with a cardholder’s signature; however, verify or reject signature is not required to complete the payment flow.

In the improved payment flow:

  • Verify or reject signature screen is replaced with a signature screen that does not require merchant action.
  • CVM in receipts displays “Signature” instead of “Signature Verified.”

Previous payment response

cvmResult="Signature Verified"

Customer signs and merchant verifies the signature.

New payment response


Customer signs and merchant is not required to verify the signature.

Takeaway for developers

If your app depends on signature verification, you should change your app’s code to remove or change the dependency.

For more information, see our blog.